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Fungal systematics and evolution : FUSE 7

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Tijdschriftartikel

In this 7th contribution to the Fungal Systematics and Evolution series published by Sydowia, the authors formally describe 14 species: Cantharomyces paschalis, Cryptandromyces pinguis, C. tricornis, Laboulbenia amblystomi (Laboulbeniales); Cortinarius squamosus, Entoloma brunneicoeruleum, E. callipygmaeum, E. minutigranulosum, E. perasprellum, E. pulchripes, E. tigrinum, E. timidum, E. violaceoserrulatum (Agaricales); and Suillus quercinus (Boletales). The following new country records are reported: Crepidotus malachioides from Italy, Leucoagaricus mucrocystis from French Guiana, Pluteus multiformis from Turkey (Agaricales); Herpomyces periplanetae from Benin, the D.R. Congo, and Togo (Herpomycetales); Melanustilospora ari from Pakistan (Urocystidales); Neopestalotiopsis clavispora causing fruit rot on Zizyphus mauritiana from India (Amphisphaeriales); and Phytopythium chamaehyphon and Pp. litorale from Brazil (Peronosporales). Finally, a new combination is proposed based on morphology, ecology, and phylogenetic analysis: Rhodocollybia asema (Agaricales).
Tijdschrift: SYDOWIA
ISSN: 0082-0598
Volume: 73
Pagina's: 271 - 340
Jaar van publicatie:2021