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Expanded carrier screening in Flanders (Belgium): an online survey on the perspectives of nonpregnant reproductive-aged women

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Tijdschriftartikel

Aim: Despite a considerable interest in expanded carrier screening (ECS) in the general population, actual uptake of ECS remains low. More insights are needed to better understand the perspectives of reproductive-aged individuals. Materials & methods: Nonpregnant women of reproductive age recruited through public pharmacies throughout Flanders (Belgium) were invited to participate in an online survey. Results: Most participants (63.6%) indicated they would consider ECS for themselves in the future. About one in two participants showed a positive attitude toward ECS. Conclusion: This study reports valuable insights in the perspectives of nonpregnant reproductive-aged women in Flanders (Belgium) regarding ECS that can be used in the ongoing debate on the responsible implementation of ECS.
Tijdschrift: Personalized Medicine
ISSN: 1741-0541
Issue: 4
Volume: 18
Pagina's: 361 - 373
Jaar van publicatie:2021