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Evaluation of Glucose Metrics in Adults with Type 1 Diabetes Switching to Insulin Glargine 300 U/mL: A Retrospective, Propensity-Score Matched Study

Tijdschriftbijdrage - e-publicatie

Objectives: To study real-world effect of switching to Insulin Glargine 300 U/mL (Gla-300) on glucose metrics in people with type 1 diabetes. Methods: This retrospective secondary-use study compared 151 adults who switched to Gla-300 from first-generation long-acting insulins (Switchers) to 281 propensity-score matched controls (Non-switchers) who continued first-generation long-acting insulins. Primary endpoint was difference in time in range (TIR) evolution. A fictive "switching" date was assigned to Non-switchers to facilitate between-group comparisons. Results: In the period before switching, TIR decreased numerically for people in whom Gla-300 was eventually initiated (-0.05%/month [-0.16 to 0.07]), while it increased for matched controls (0.08%/month [0.02 to 0.015]; between-group difference P = 0.047). After Gla-300-initiation, Switchers had similar TIR increase compared to Non-switchers (P = 0.531). Switchers used higher basal dose than before switch (Δ0.012 U/[kg·d] [0.006 to 0.018]; P < 0.0001). Conclusion: In real-life, Gla-300 was typically initiated in people where TIR was decreasing, which was reversed after switch using slightly higher basal insulin dose. ClinicalTrials: ClinicalTrials.gov number NCT05109520.
Tijdschrift: Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics
ISSN: 1520-9156
Jaar van publicatie:2024