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EU cybersecurity capacity building in the Mediterranean and the Middle East

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Cyberthreats on the RiseThe 2008 Report on the implementation of the European Security Strategy included U+201CcybersecurityU+201D for the first time among the priorities of the EUU+2019s external action, stating that: U+201Cmodern economies are heavily reliant on critical infrastructure including transport, communication and power supplies, but also the Internet.U+201D If the EU Strategy for a Secure Information Society, adopted two years before, already addressed U+201Ccybercrime,U+201D the proliferation of cyber-attacks U+201Cagainst private or government IT systemsU+201D gave the spread of cyber-capabilities a U+201Cnew dimension, as a potential new economic, political and military weapon.U+201DAn EU Cybersecurity Strategy was adopted in 20132 followed, in 2016, by a first EU U+201CDirective on Security of Network and Information Systems,U+201D known as the U+201CNIS Directive,U+201D which harmonized the EU Member StatesU+2019 legislations.
Boek: IEMed Mediterranean Yearbook 2019
Series: Mediterranean Yearbook
Pagina's: 240 - 244
Jaar van publicatie:2020