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Essentials in entrepreneurship : the core of new business development

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Entrepreneurship is an intriguing but complex domain. This textbook provides all the basics for anyone interested in setting up a business. It deals with the domains of intellectual property, market assessment and strategy, financial planning, financing and valuation.You will find answers to questions such as: How can an entrepreneur test the feasibility of an innovative idea? Where can an entrepreneur find funding? How can an entrepreneur protect a developed technology or product?As entrepreneurs are likely to work intensively with other parties, Essentials in entrepreneurship ends with an elaboration on negotiation strategies.This textbook is useful to students with an entrepreneurial mindset, but also to entrepreneurs who want a concise view on the essentials before starting up a business. Essentials in entrepreneurship aims at helping any new venture to get a head start.
Edition: 2nd revised edition
Pagina's: 136 p.
Jaar van publicatie:2019