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Emergencies in paediatric dentistry

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INTRODUCTION: Emergencies in pediatric dentistry are a real challenge for any healthcare professional. As pediatric dentists, we are aware that this practitioner has to manage an emotional situation, often the first contact of a young child with dentistry, with sometimes complex clinical circumstances. This review of the different emergency pathologies presents the characteristics, the diagnoses and treatments, analyzed with special attention to the role of the physician and the dentist. .

MATERIAL AND METHODS: Literature analysis is conducted using the Pubmed and Google Scholar databases.

RESULTS: The pathologies are of several types: nocturnal pains, mainly due to pulpitis or a septum syndrome, and the pains caused by hot, cold or sugar, can only be managed by a dentist because they are due to caries. Only acute pain is an emergency per se. The colorations must also be managed by a dentist due to the specificity of the differential diagnosis. Special attention is paid to baby bottle polycaries, still too common. Finally, the different types of trauma, dental or periodontal are discussed with their treatment.

CONCLUSIONS: The dentist, the pediatrician and the physician have their role to play both in the management of the emergency consultation and in the early detection of traumatic and non- traumatic lesions such as polycaries, in order to avoid at best both dental and psychological complications.

Tijdschrift: Revue M├ędicale de Bruxelles
ISSN: 0035-3639
Issue: 4
Volume: 39
Pagina's: 325-325
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Jaar van publicatie:2018
Trefwoorden:behaviour, detal emergency, dental trauma, pediatric dentistry
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