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Electrically silent Kv subunits

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Tijdschriftartikel

Ondertitel:their molecular and functional characteristics
Electrically silent voltage-gated potassium (KvS) alpha-subunits do not form homotetramers but heterotetramerize with Kv2 subunits, generating functional Kv2/KvS channel complexes in which the KvS subunits modulate the Kv2 current. This poses intriguing questions into the molecular mechanisms by which these KvS subunits cannot form functional homotetramers, why they only interact with Kv2 subunits, and how they modulate the Kv2 current.
Tijdschrift: Physiology
ISSN: 1548-9213
Volume: 27
Pagina's: 73 - 84
Jaar van publicatie:2012
CSS-citation score:2
Authors from:Higher Education