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Ecological niche modelling of Cantharellus species in Benin, and revision of their conservation status

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Tijdschriftartikel

Of the eight Cantharellus species known from Benin, seven have been encountered under similar macroecological conditions. The present work attempts to generate a more complete distribution of these seven species. Fortyeight occurrences of the target species and four explanatory variables including three bioclimatic variables and a land cover variable were used to build an ensemble model from five modelling approaches under the Biomod2 package of R software. Results showed a distribution restricted to the Bassila and Atacora mountain range phytogeographic districts with excellent statistical performance (TSS = 0.98, AUC = 0.99). This distribution is governed mainly by high soil moisture and high potential evapotranspiration, thus defining only gallery forests as the most suitable habitat for chanterelles in Sudano-guinean and Soudanese ecozones of Benin. Based on IUCN criterion B1 and sub-criteria B1a and B1c(i), these seven species were categorized under the Endangered (EN) threat category according to our results.
Tijdschrift: Fungal Ecology
Volume: 60
Jaar van publicatie:2022