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Double-headed Bird Creatures in Third Millennium Mesopotamian Iconography

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Museum curator and university professor, archaeologist, art historian, and epicurean; Eric Gubel, whose field work mostly focused on the Levantine region, has always been exploring the horizons of the past in two directions: Mesopotamia in the east and the Mediterranean world to the west. No better person to dedicate a contribution to on the Mesopotamian double-headed bird creatures. The Museum of Art and History in Brussels and the University of Leuven keep 3rd millennium BC cylinder seals that depict this well-known and throughout history widespread motif. They belong to the oldest known examples of this image.
Boek: Travels through the Orient and the Mediterranean World. Essays presented to Eric Gubel
Pagina's: 131 - 148
Aantal pagina's: 17
Jaar van publicatie:2021