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Dense multipath component polarization and wall attenuation at 1.35 GHz in an office environment

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This paper presents an analysis of dense multipath components in office meeting rooms. Radio channel sounding measurements at 1.35 GHz were performed with transmitter and receiver in the same room (intra-room) and in adjacent rooms (inter-room). Specular and dense multipath components were estimated with the RiMAX maximum-likelihood algorithm. The dense multipath reverberation characteristics were found to be not significantly different between polarization subchannels for both the intra-room and the inter-room channels, supporting the validity of a scalar dense multipath model. The specular and dense multipath wall attenuation losses were found to be 12.0 and 5.4 dB, respectively.
Boek: Proceedings of the 12th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP 2018)
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Jaar van publicatie:2018