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A demand-responsive public bus system with short-cut trips

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Between a conventional public bus system and a complete on-demand system, a range of demand responsive options exists which can be designed based on information about the actual demand. In this study, we focus on the morning peak hours where the passenger flows towards a city center are typically much larger than the flows in the opposite direction.We introduce a system where short-cut trips, away from the city center, are allowed for a single line. Based on the expected demand, it is decided, whether a bus should visit all the stops ahead or skip some of them to take a shorter way in the return trip so that it increase the frequency of the service towards the city center.We present a Mixed Integer Quadratic Program to mathematically model this problem. Due to its complexity, only small-sized problems can be solved optimally. Therefore, we also design a metaheuristic algorithm based on Variable Neighborhood Search that finds high-quality solutions within reasonable time for realistic instances. The results show that the demand responsive system can improve the total passenger travel time with up to 10% compared to the conventional system.
Boek: Conference on Advanced Systems in Public Transport (CASPT 2022)
Jaar van publicatie:2022