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Cryptography in the Presence of Physical Attacks: Design, Implementation and Analysis

Boek - Dissertatie

Cryptographic primitives are designed such that they can resist mathematical attacks (cryptanalysis). For their implementations, extra measures must be taken to also provide security against physical attacks such as side-channel analysis (SCA). One of the techniques that successfully prevents SCA is the use of masking methods, based on secret sharing and multi-party computation. Such countermeasures significantly increase the area of a block cipher and especially of its nonlinear parts. Moreover, masking requires the generation of random bits, which is expensive. Apart from finding secure implementations for existing ciphers, we want to design new nonlinear components (e.g. S-boxes) that achieve similar cryptographic strength for lower implementation cost. Additionally, we want to analyze the trade-off between area and -randomness cost.
Jaar van publicatie:2020