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Countries strive towards more quality and equity in education: Do they show success or failure? Evidence from TIMSS 2003 and 2011, for Grade 4

Boekbijdrage - Hoofdstuk

Over the past decade, countries have been striving to increase the quality and equity of their educational systems. This study aimed to investigate to what extent countries have succeeded in both. Trends over time in educational quality and social and ethnic equity amongst 17 countries were investigated through hierarchical multilevel model analysis using data from TIMSS 2003 and 2011. Results indicated an overall increase of math achievement levels, a stable level of science achievement, an overall decrease in social equity, and an overall increase in ethnic equity. However, differences between countries were noticed, with opposite trends occurring in some countries. This study not only looked at trends in average achievement, but also investigated trends in achievement gaps by looking at trends in achievement of the highest and lowest 10 % performing students, which revealed nuances in the conclusions made. Finally, no systematic relationship was found between trends in quality and trends in equity.
Boek: Cognitive abilities and educational outcomes. A Festschrift in honour of Jan-Eric Gustafsson
Pagina's: 127 - 148
Jaar van publicatie:2017