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Copula-based stochastic modelling of evapotranspiration time series conditioned on rainfall as design tool in water resources management

Boek - Dissertatie

In the last few decades, the frequency and intensity of water-related disasters, also called climate-related disasters, e.g. floods, storms, heat waves and droughts, has gone up considerably at both global and regional scales, causing significant damage to many societies and ecosystems. Understanding the behavior and frequency of these disasters is extremely important, not only for reducing their damages but also for the management of water resources. These disasters can often be characterized by multiple dependent variables and therefore require a flexible multivariate approach for studying such phenomena. In this study, we focus on copulas, which are multivariate functions that describe the dependence structure between stochastic variables, independently of their marginal behaviors.The study aimed at different potential applications of copulas in hydrology, such as a multivariate frequency analysis and a copula-based approach for assessing a rainfall model. And further, a stochastic copula-based evapotranspiration generator was developed. As an application, the potential impacts of climate change on river discharge was investigated partly based the latter generator.
Pagina's: XXVIII, 190 p.
Jaar van publicatie:2016