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Concurrent H2/H∞ feedback control design with optimal sensor and actuator selection

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This paper presents a systematic approach to concurrentlydesign H2/Hinf dynamic output feedback controllersand find the optimal number of sensors and actuators forcontinuous linear time-invariant models of complex multi-variatesystems.The method formulates this concurrent design and selectionas a multi-objective optimization problem where l1 norm regularizationis performed on the controller input and outputmatrices. Two case studies illustrate the potential of the developedapproach. The preliminary results obtained from thisapproach justify the interplay of obtaining a trade-off betweenthe enhanced closed-loop performance and the implementationcost.
Boek: 2018 IEEE 15th International Workshop on Advanced Motion Control (AMC)
Pagina's: 223 - 228
Jaar van publicatie:2018
Authors from:Government, Higher Education