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Computational approaches for high-throughput single-cell data analysis

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Review Artikel

During the past decade, the number of novel technologies to interrogate biological systems at the single-cell level has skyrocketed. Numerous approaches for measuring the proteome, genome, transcriptome and epigenome at the single-cell level have been pioneered, using a variety of technologies. All these methods have one thing in common: they generate large and high-dimensional datasets that require advanced computational modelling tools to highlight and interpret interesting patterns in these data, potentially leading to novel biological insights and hypotheses. In this work, we provide an overview of the computational approaches used to interpret various types of single-cell data in an automated and unbiased way.
Tijdschrift: FEBS JOURNAL
ISSN: 1742-4658
Issue: 8
Volume: 286
Pagina's: 1451 - 1467
Jaar van publicatie:2019