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Complex project: Extra containerbehandelingscapaciteit in het havengebied Antwerpen: Deelrapport 2. Geïntegreerd onderzoek – deel nautica: simulatiestudie voor het verkeer ter hoogte van Duplexdok en Deurganckdok

Boek - Rapport

The Duplex dock is a third alternative for the second tidal dock in the port of Antwerp area at the left bank. In 2021 a real time simulation study was executed to evaluate the accessibility of the Duplex dock for ultra large containerships of 430 m and 400 m of length. In this study the accessibility is further evaluated based on real time traffic simulations on four coupled manoeuvring simulators. The interacting containerships ranging from ULCS to smaller containerships and inland ships are executing head in/head out, inbound and outbound manoeuvres at different current conditions with strong wind of 5 or 6 Bft. The Duplex dock is evaluated as being accessible for up to 430 m ULCS with a required tug power of three 80 ton tugs for wind conditions of 6 Bft or unfavourable current conditions of flood during a head out outbound manoeuvre or ebb during head in inbound manoeuvre. Comparing the head in and head out manoeuvres shorter times to pass the dock/river zone are recognised for the head in manoeuvres.
Series: FHR reports
Aantal pagina's: 82
Jaar van publicatie:2022
Trefwoorden:ULCS, toegankelijkheid, verkeerssimulaties, Duplex, realtime simulaties, Harbours and waterways > Manoeuvring behaviour > Bank effects, Harbours and waterways > Ship motion > Fairway and harbour design, Simulations