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Co-regulation of the antagonistic RepoMan:Aurora-B pair in proliferating cells

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Chromosome segregation during mitosis is antagonistically regulated by the Aurora-B kinase and RepoMan (recruits PP1 onto mitotic chromatin at anaphase)-associated phosphatases PP1/PP2A. Aurora B is overexpressed in many cancers but, surprisingly, this only rarely causes lethal aneuploidy. Here we show that RepoMan abundance is regulated by the same mechanisms that control Aurora B, including FOXM1-regulated expression and proteasomal degradation following ubiquitination by APC/C-CDH1 or SCFFBXW7. The deregulation of these mechanisms can account for the balanced co-overexpression of Aurora B and RepoMan in many cancers, which limits chromosome segregation errors. In addition, Aurora B and RepoMan independently promote cancer cell proliferation by reducing checkpoint--induced cell-cycle arrest during interphase. The co-up-regulation of RepoMan and Aurora B in tumors is inversely correlated with patient survival, underscoring its potential importance for tumor progression. Finally, we demonstrate that high RepoMan levels sensitize cancer cells to Aurora-B inhibitors. Hence, the co-up-regulation of RepoMan and Aurora B is associated with tumor aggressiveness but also exposes a vulnerable target for therapeutic intervention.
ISSN: 1059-1524
Issue: 6
Volume: 31
Pagina's: 419 - 438
Jaar van publicatie:2020
BOF-publication weight:1
CSS-citation score:1
Authors from:Higher Education