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A capabilities perspective on membership management in franchise networks

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Tijdschriftartikel

This study explores the membership management process in a franchise network. Via an in-depth case study of a German tire retail franchising network, we develop a four-stage process model of membership management in such a network, and find that the different membership management stages of selection, integration, stewardship and evaluation are based on a variety of underlying routines, such as bonding, embracing and assessing. We conceptualize the synergistic interplay of these routines as the franchise network's membership management capability, explaining how the franchisor effectively manages its diverse set of members over time. Our findings bridge research on franchising, and organizational as well as inter-organizational management capabilities, to contribute towards a more holistic understanding of how franchise networks, as collectives of organizations, are maintained and managed.
Tijdschrift: Industrial Marketing Management
ISSN: 0019-8501
Volume: 90
Pagina's: 60 - 78
Jaar van publicatie:2020