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Buying groceries in brick and click stores: category allocation decisions and the moderating effect of online buying experience

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Tijdschriftartikel

The large majority of online grocery shoppers are multichannel shoppers, who keep visiting offline grocery stores to combine convenience advantages of online shopping with self-service advantages of offline stores. An important retail management question, therefore, is how these consumers divide grocery purchases across the retailer’s online and offline channel. We provide a comprehensive analysis of the impact of category characteristics on the allocation pattern of multichannel grocery shoppers, and find that category allocation decisions are not only affected by marketing mix differences between the online and offline channel, but also by intrinsic category characteristics like perceived purchase risk and shopping convenience. In addition, we examine the effect of online buying experience. In line with expectations, we find that it can affect allocation patterns in different ways: (i) it attenuates the perceived risk of buying sensory categories online, thereby reducing differences in online category share, (ii) it reinforces marketing mix (assortment) effects, thereby making online category share differences more pronounced, and (ii) it has no effect for factors such as promotions that are easy to evaluate without experience, thereby leaving the online category share stable. In addition to different experience effects across allocation factors, we also observe variations in experience effects across consumer segments.
Tijdschrift: Journal of Interactive Marketing
ISSN: 1094-9968
Volume: 31
Pagina's: 63 - 78
Jaar van publicatie:2015