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Bovine-associated staphylococci and mammaliicocci trigger T-lymphocyte proliferative response and cytokine production differently

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Tijdschriftartikel

We examined whether distinct staphylococcal and mammaliicoccal species and strains trigger B-and T-lymphocyte proliferation and interleukin (IL)-17A and interferon (IFN)-gamma production by peripheral blood mononuclear cells in nulliparous, primiparous, and multiparous dairy cows. Flow cytometry was used to measure lymphocyte proliferation with the Ki67 anti-body, and specific monoclonal antibodies were used to identify CD3, CD4, and CD8 T lymphocyte and CD21 B lymphocyte populations. The supernatant of the peripheral blood mononuclear cell culture was used to measure IL-17A and IFN-gamma production. Two distinct, inactivated strains of bovine-associated Staphylococcus aureus [one causing a persistent intramammary infec-tion (IMI) and the other from the nose], 2 inactivated Staphylococcus chromogenes strains [one causing an IMI and the other from a teat apex), as well as an inactivated Mammaliicoccus fleurettii strain originat-ing from sawdust from a dairy farm, and the mitogens concanavalin A and phytohemagglutinin M-form (both specifically to measure lymphocyte proliferation) were studied. In contrast to the "commensal" Staph. aureus strain originating from the nose, the Staph. aureus strain causing a persistent IMI triggered proliferation of CD4+ and CD8+ subpopulations of T lymphocytes. The M. fleurettii strain and the 2 Staph. chromogenes strains had no effect on T-or B-cell proliferation. Fur-thermore, both Staph. aureus and Staph. chromogenes strains causing persistent IMI significantly increased IL-17A and IFN-gamma production by peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Overall, multiparous cows tended to have a higher B-lymphocyte and a lower T-lymphocyte proliferative response than primiparous and nulliparous cows. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells of multipa-rous cows also produced significantly more IL-17A and IFN-gamma. In contrast to concanavalin A, phytohemagglu-tinin M-form selectively stimulated T-cell proliferation.
ISSN: 1525-3198
Issue: 4
Volume: 106
Pagina's: 2772 - 2783
Jaar van publicatie:2023