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Beheer en onderhoud CFD modellen: implementaton of a CFD CAD model database

Boek - Rapport

The objectve of this report is to document the implementaton of a system to store and document Computer Aided Design (CAD) models utlised in Computatonal Fluid Dynamics (CFD) sofware and potental panel meth‐ ods at Flanders Hydraulics Research (FHR). The system makes use of available (sofware) facilites at FHR: the CAD data is added in the version control sofware (Subversion) and a visual front‐end is created in the Confu‐ ence Wiki sofware. Topics discussed in this report are the storage of informaton about a specifc CAD model, the process of updatng the front‐end pages on the wiki and retrieval of characteristcs of the CAD models from other databases.
Series: FHR reports
Aantal pagina's: 13
Trefwoorden:CFD, CAD, Subversion, Confluence wiki, Python, Computational fluid dynamics, Databases, Harbours and waterways > Manoeuvring behaviour > Open water, Numerical calculations