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Basic concepts and activation modes in visible-light-photocatalyzed organic synthesis

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Tijdschriftartikel

Visible light photocatalysis has established itself as a promising sustainable and powerful strategy to access reactive intermediates, i.e. radicals and radical ions, under mild reaction conditions using visible light irradiation. This field enables the development of formerly challenging or even previously inaccessible organic transformations. In this tutorial review, an overview of the essential concepts and techniques of visible-light-mediated chemical processes and the most common types of photochemical activation of organic molecules, i.e. photoredox catalysis and photosensitization, are discussed. Selected photocatalytic alkene functionalization reactions are included as examples to illustrate the basic concepts and techniques with particular attention given to the understanding of their reaction mechanisms.
Tijdschrift: Synthesis : journal of synthetic organic chemistry
ISSN: 0039-7881
Volume: 55
Pagina's: 164 - 192
Jaar van publicatie:2023
Trefwoorden:A1 Journal article