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Autonomous ship control in shallow and confined water

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The paper describes the definition and usage of autonomous ship control systems in shallow and confined water. The application of such control system is shown in a case study : a systematic analysis of ship transits in the approach channel to the Port of Antwerp (Western Scheldt) .The control algorithm not only is capable of correctly navigating the ship through the fairway, it also delivers insight in rudder and propeller usage in function of the tidal conditions. Such control systems are validated based on model tests carried out in towing tanks. Flanders Hydraulics Research (FHR) has recently inaugurated their second towing tank, the Towing Tank for Manoeuvres in Shallow Water. One of the functionalities of this facility is the role it can play as test basin for autonomous shipping. Next to the further validation and expansion of existing control scenarios, it will be used to model interaction events between multiple ships. A numerical effort to model interaction events is presented, which will be validated in the model test basin.
Boek: Autonomous Ships Conference, 31 march - 1 april 2022, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London: conference proceedings
Pagina's: [1-8]
Jaar van publicatie:2022
Trefwoorden:Harbours and waterways > Manoeuvring behaviour > Open water, Harbours and waterways > Safety  > Measures to improve safety, Harbours and waterways > Ship equipment > Other, Physical modelling, Simulations