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Acoustic emission-based damage monitoring to study fracture in cementitious mortars under fatigue loading

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In this work, acoustic emission (AE) sensors are used to detect micro-cracking in mortar cylinders subjected to monotonic and step-wise fatigue loads, in a Brazilian splitting test setup. The difference in damage progression between monotonic and fatigue tests was analyzed by using AE monitoring. The rate of AE events in monotonic tests was initially low, but there is a sudden rise of AE events with high amplitude and energy prior to failure. On the other hand for fatigue tests, three damage stages were identified. In addition, the width of a fracture process zone (FPZ) measured with AE, was found to be higher for the fatigue tests. Finally, crack types throughout the fracture process are classified using AE parameter analysis. In both tests, initially, AE due to tensile cracks dominated. However, after the major crack has formed, more shear noises were observed.
Tijdschrift: European NDT & CM 2021
ISSN: 1435-4934
Issue: 2021-12-01
Jaar van publicatie:2021