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Accuracy and convergence of iteratively solved Monte Carlo codes for simulations in the plasma edge of nuclear fusion reactors

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© 2018 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim Iteratively solved Monte Carlo (MC) codes are frequently used for plasma edge simulations. However, their accuracy and convergence assessment are still unresolved issues. In analogy with the error classification recently developed for coupled finite-volume/Monte Carlo (FV-MC) codes, we define different error contributions and analyse them separately in a simplified non-linear MC code. Three iterative procedures are examined: Random Noise (RN), where different seeds are used in each iteration; Correlated Sampling, where particle trajectories remain correlated between iterations; and Robbins Monro, where averaging is used during the simulation. We show that, as in FV-MC codes, RN is the most efficient iterative procedure provided averaging is used to decrease the statistical error. In addition, we conclude that the accuracy can be assessed using the same techniques as in FV-MC codes.
Tijdschrift: Contributions to Plasma Physics
ISSN: 0863-1042
Issue: 6-8
Volume: 58
Pagina's: 652 - 658
Jaar van publicatie:2018
BOF-publication weight:0.5
CSS-citation score:1
Authors from:Higher Education