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A 50% reduction in multiple live birth rate is associated with a 13% cost saving: a real-life retrospective cost analysis

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Tijdschriftartikel

Belgian legislation limiting the number of embryos for transfer has been shown to result in a 50% reduction of the multiple live birth rate (MLBR) per cycle without having a negative impact on the cumulative delivery rate per patient within six cycles or 36 months. The objective of the current study was to evaluate the cost saving associated with a 50% reduction in MLBR. A retrospective cost analysis was performed of 213 couples, who became pregnant and had a live birth after one or more assisted reproductive technology treatment cycles, and their 254 children. The mean cost of a singleton (n = 172) and multiple (n = 41) birth was calculated based on individual hospital invoices. The cost analysis showed a significantly higher total cost (assisted reproductive technology treatment, pregnancy follow-up, delivery, child cost until the age of 2 years) for multiple births (both children: mean €43,397) than for singleton births (mean: €17,866) (Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney P < 0.0001). A 50% reduction in MLBR resulted in a significant cost reduction related to hospital care of 13%.
Tijdschrift: Reproductive Biomedicine Online
ISSN: 1472-6483
Issue: 3
Volume: 35
Pagina's: 279 - 286
Jaar van publicatie:2017