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Verbeteringen in de kweekmethodes van de zoetwaterkabeljauw (Lota lota)

Burbot (Lota lota) is a coldwater species with a promising aquaculture perspective. The optimal culture methods are unknown, as are some relevant biological data. Research has therefore an important role in the development of the domestication of this fish. This thesis will investigate some of the unknown aspects of burbot aquaculture focusing on grow-out. In the first phase of investigation, trials will be conducted to obtain the optimum temperature for burbot metabolism and feeding strategy, as these are important, but unknown information. The obtained data can then be used in the setup of standardized protocols that will be applied for feed trials. Current available feeds are not considered to be of a sustainable source, mostly due to the high impact of fish meal production on wild fish stocks. Therefore, the next step in the growout investigation is the formulation of a specialized sustainable diet for burbot. Results obtained from trials with commercial feeds can direct us towards the adequate crude composition for burbot feed. With these data, new diets can be formulated and tested to obtain the nutritional requirements of burbot. As we are aiming for a more sustainable aquaculture, different feed ingredients from a more sustainable source will be implemented in these selfformulated fish feeds. As carbohydrate and lipid levels in grow-out diets can influence the lipid composition of the fish body, changing levels could possibly contribute to a change in the fish taste. For this reason, fatty acid analyses will be used to monitor changes occurring in the fatty acid profile during the administration of the different feeds to correlate the different feed compositions and their influence on fish lipid composition. During the trials, these diets will also be evaluated on their influences on growth performance,digestibility and fish health.

Datum:1 okt 2011  →  1 okt 2015
Trefwoorden:burbot, culture
Project type:PhD project