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Urinaire proteomics bij het voorspellen van harttransplantatie-uitkomsten

The proof of concept underlying uPROPHET rests on the EPLORE findings that capillary electrophoresis coupled with high-resolution mass-spectroscopy reproducibly identified unique urinary proteomic (UP) signatures associated with subclinical left ventricular dysfunction, renal impairment and adverse cardiovascular outcomes. Consensus criteria currently applied for the selection of patients for heart transplantation (HTx) leave an inconvenient margin of uncertainty, because of the unpredictable course of the disease and the shortage of donor hearts. Furthermore, monitoring graft function and adjusting immunosuppression remain major challenges after HTx. Endomyocardial biopsies, up to 20 in the first year after HTx, are the standard approach to detect graft rejection, but require an invasive risk-carrying procedure. uPROPHET aims to develop UP profiling:

  1. as a prognostic tool helpful in selecting terminally ill heart failure patients for HTx with the greatest probability of survival while adding a maximum of high-quality years to life
  2. as an instrument to monitor graft performance and immune system activity and to manage immunosuppression

The new UP classifiers will be initially validated by demonstrating analogy between the proteomic profiles in urine and tissue samples of explanted hearts. uPROPHET will show case the translation of state-of-the-art technology into “innovative services”, broaden the indications for UP, and therefore have a major impact on the plans of the business partner measuring the UP profiles. The evident benefit for the customer (patient) is the early and non-invasive stratification of risk in heart failure patients before and after HTx, hence allowing an early, personalised, and targeted approach. Clinical implementation of uPROPHET findings will bring European research to the forefront of the highly competitive fields of biomarker research and personalised medicine and impact on transplantation medicine beyond HTx.

Datum:1 okt 2016  →  31 mrt 2018
Trefwoorden:uPROPHET, Urinary Proteomics, Heart Transplantation outcomes
Disciplines:Cardiale- en vasculaire geneeskunde