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Twinning of research activities for the frontier research in the fields of food, nutrition and environmental ‘omics


The objective of FoodEnTwin is to create a networking collaboration among the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Chemistry (UBFC) and its Center of Research Excellence for Molecular Food Sciences (CoE MFS) and four high renowned institutes from Sweden, Austria and Belgium providing a unique opportunity for UBFC and its partners to increase their scientific excellence and visibility, technology innovation capacity and enable frontier research at the crossroad of food, agriculture, nutrition and environmental sciences by the infusion of –omics technologies (proteomics, lipidomics, transcriptomics, and metalomics).
The project will focus on the key target actions of twinning of research activities through networking, training and lecturing program resulting in a roadmap for a future collaboration, organization of three public Summers Schools type, internal and external expert driven Technology Workshops and Academia-Industry meetings, and finally bringing the European Food Chemistry conference (EuroFoodChem) in 2021 to the UBFC in Serbia to increase the UBFC, the Serbian and the European visibility in the fields of food sciences.
The scientific topic addresses the major challenge of how environmental pollution affects food we eat at the molecular level and therefore the project will also have a significant societal impact.
Dissemination will take care of this aspect by bringing the networking ideas to a broad public, from experts, the science community and industry stakeholder organization, to the interested, non-professional crowd, making society more aware of the impact environment has on the food we eat and the importance of new approaches in food, nutrition and environmental sciences.

Datum:1 sep 2018  →  31 aug 2021
Trefwoorden:nutrition, environment
Disciplines:Chemie van natuurlijke producten