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Transforming European Taxonomy through Training, Research, and Innovations (TETTRIs)

Accurate taxonomic knowledge and tools are needed to understand the drivers and impact of biodiversity decline. TETTRIs aims to increase taxonomic capacity, particularly in biodiversity hotspots of Europe creating reference collections, training frameworks, and with innovative tools as well as by developing centralised resources providing access to an expertise marketplace, the taxonomic knowledge platform, and career paths. The core methodology for reaching these objectives includes co-creation with citizen scientists, and professionals in biodiversity hotspots. The open-access knowledge and systems built into TETTRIs, together with citizen scientists, will accelerate the integration and expansion of taxonomy in education, governance, and multidisciplinary research. This will ensure the long-term relevance of taxonomy as an instrumental science, necessary to halt European and global biodiversity loss, and ensuring ecosystems and their services are preserved and sustainably restored on land, inland water and at sea. TETTRIs builds taxonomic research capacity near biodiversity hotspots by networking natural history museums and other taxonomic facilities through bottom-up co-creation between 17 partners.
Datum:1 dec 2022 →  Heden