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Stability Analysis of Hybrid AC/DC Power Systems

The massive integration of renewable energy sources in the power system worldwide is pushing the transmission systems to their limits. Power electronics-based network components are playing a major role in this energy transition. They offer the possibility to control power flows and increase the reliability of the network under variable working conditions. On the transmission level, HighVoltage Direct Current (HVDC) technology is the candidate for reinforcing and upgrading the system. Long-term visions encompass rolling-out an offshore grid in the North Sea combined with so-called "electricity highways", energy corridors with power ratings that are an order of magnitude higher than existing line ratings.

Compared to the point-to-point HVDC connections that are now widespread in our transmission system, significant cost reductions and increased reliability can be obtained by building a meshed HVDC grid. The European Commission, the power industry as well as environmental organizations support the development of such a meshed system to develop a North Sea grid, which will connect wind farms and strengthen the European internal electricity market. In the long term, these developments can give rise to a European HVDC "supergrid", interconnecting the power generated by wind in the North Sea with solar power generated in the South of Europe.

Such HVDC grids will most likely develop as multi-vendor systems, and control interactions in in this hybrid AC/DC power system will play an increasing role. This project focuses on the combined stability analysis of hybrid AC/DC power system and the development of dynamic system equivalents for such an analysis.

Datum:10 jan 2020 →  25 mei 2021
Trefwoorden:Stability Analysis, HVDC, Modular Multilevel Converter
Disciplines:Hernieuwbare energie en energiesystemen, Signaalverwerking
Project type:PhD project