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Regelings-theoretische karakterisering van geavanceerde systeem biologische modellen

With increasing complexity of biotechnological processes, the associated process control needs to be based on more accurate computational models to maintain efficient operation. Systems biology research has led to new modeling techniques in the past decade, but the mathematical structure of these models is not amenable to current methods of control engineering. This project will provide methods for online monitoring and control of biosystems that are based on constraint based and cell population models. One challenge is that for these models, even basic systems properties like observability or controllability are not well characterized. Obtaining such a characterization will open the way to methods to monitor and control advanced bioprocesses more accurately and efficiently compared to the state of the art.
Datum:1 okt 2016  →  30 sep 2018
Trefwoorden:biology models
Disciplines:Engineering van biomaterialen, Biologische systeemtechnologie, Biomateriaal engineering, Biomechanische ingenieurswetenschappen, Andere (bio)medische ingenieurswetenschappen, Milieu-ingenieurswetenschappen en -biotechnologie, Industriële biotechnologie, Andere biotechnologie, bio-en biosysteem ingenieurswetenschappen, Controlesystemen, robotica en automatisatie, Ontwerptheorieën en -methoden, Mechatronica en robotica, Computertheorie