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REDIFUEL: Ontwikkeling van biobrandstoffen van de volgende generatie en alternatieve technologieën voor hernieuwbare brandstoffen voor het wegvervoer (EU574)

The overall objective of REDIFUEL is to enable the utilization of various biomass feedstock for an ultimate renewable EN590 diesel biofuel (drop-in capable at any ratio) in a sustainable manner. REDIFUEL’S ambition is to develop new technologies, solutions and processes to be integrated to reach high conversion efficiencies for renewable fuel production. And, to proof the techno-economic potential to reach a highly competing production cost level of € 0.90 - 1.00 per litre (depending on biomass source) at moderate production plant sizes, e.g. 10-25 kt/a.
The proposed drop-in biofuel contains high-cetane C11+ bio-hydrocarbons and C6-C11 bio-alcohols which has exceptional performance with respect to combustion and soot-inhibition properties. The environmental and the society aspects are taken into account by a comprehensive Biomass-to-Wheel performance check of the developed technologies.
Datum:1 okt 2018 →  Heden
Trefwoorden:fuel, Renewable energy and Biofuels
Disciplines:Hernieuwbare energie en energiesystemen