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Ontwikkeling van intelligente lichtgewicht materiaaloplossingen voor verbeterde vibro-akoestische transmissieproblemen

This research focuses on the application of metamaterials to aerospace structures in order to improve their vibro-acoustics behavior. Firstly, the concepts of unit cell and dispersion curves need to be fully understood, starting with more general examples. After this, these concepts will be applied to more complex situations and some analyses will be performed. The idea is to carry out analytical, numerical and experimental analyses to investigate what the use of metamaterials causes to the structure’s vibro-acoustic responses and also the influence of different boundary conditions. These metamaterials have the potential to create stop bands, in other words, frequency ranges where there is no free wave propagation, which can be tuned to the desired frequency range in which the system operates. The goal is to prove that these metamaterials have beneficial features in the aerospace industry.

Datum:8 jan 2018 →  8 jan 2022
Disciplines:Controlesystemen, robotica en automatisatie, Ontwerptheorieën en -methoden, Mechatronica en robotica, Computertheorie, Productietechnieken, Andere mechanische en productie ingenieurswetenschappen, Productontwikkeling
Project type:PhD project