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Nieuwe methode voor mechano-spectroscopisch onderzoek naar de tijdelijke evolutie van de microstructuur van een complex-fluïdum onderworpen aan een niet-lineaire vervorming of stroom

The purpose of this project is to demonstrate a proof-of-concept for a novel and universal method to mechano-spectroscopically investigate transient evolution of a complex-fluid's microstructure when subjected to a non-linear deformation or flow. Dr Victor Boudara will pursue this goal at the Department of Chemical Engineering of KU Leuven, under the supervision of Prof Christian Clasen. The goals of the project will be achieved by combining an optimized excitation signal structure (as recently introduced with the novel ""Optimally Windowed Chirp"" technique) with the concept of orthogonal superposition rheometry. The possibility to superpose such a rapid mechano-spectroscopy onto deforming system would allow, for the first time, to characterise the material property evolution of rapidly mutating materials over a wide range of frequencies under nonlinear shear flow.  Such materials include gelling polymers, proteins, colloidal gels or jamming glasses, which are not only of fundamental but also of industrial and biomedical interest."

Datum:1 feb 2020  →  Heden
Trefwoorden:orthogonal superposition rheometry, ""Optimally Windowed Chirp"" technique, material property evolution of rapidly mutating materials
Disciplines:Materialenwetenschappen en -techniek niet elders geclassificeerd, Reologie