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Mechanische en structurele veranderingen na chirurgische behandeling van knieartrose

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most prevalent chronic joint disease. There is no cure to OA. Surgical treatment is performed in severe cases to reduce pain and to improve mobility. Due to longer life expectancy and the tendency to perform initial surgery at younger age, classic joint arthroplasty is facing increased revision surgery. In an attempt to postpone or obviate joint arthroplasty a renewed focus is seen on joint preserving corrective surgery. With this project we aim to improve our understanding on (i) the alterations in joint loading following surgery, on (ii) the accompanying alterations in bone microstructure, and on (iii) how the structural alterations are related to alterations in joint loading. We will quantify the alterations in mechanical load in OA‐affected knee joints before and after surgical treatment. Specifically, we will measure bone microstructure in OA patients using high‐resolution ConeBeamCT and will monitor the alterations occurring within two years following treatment. Experimental and computational biomechanics will be used to quantify the alterations in mechanical load following treatment. These data are highly needed to improve treatment of OA.

Datum:19 jun 2019 →  Heden
Disciplines:Weefsel- en orgaanbiomechanica
Project type:PhD project