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Machine learning grootboek orkestratie voor drug discovery

MELLODDY will demonstrate how the pharmaceutical industry can better leverage its data assets to virtualize the Drug Discovery (DD) process with world-leading Machine Learning (ML) technologies as an answer to the ever-increasing challenges and stricter regulatory requirements it is facing. The lack of a tested, secure and privacy-preserving platform for federated machine learning that enables pharmaceutical partners to extract DD-relevant information from all types of, not only their own but even each other’s competitive data, without mutual disclosure of the chemistry and biology each partner has worked on, has previously held back such demonstration, to the detriment of patients in the EU and beyond.
MELLODDY’s ten pharmaceutical partners will enable this demonstration with an unprecedented volume of more than a billion highly private and competitive DD-relevant data points, and hundreds of Tbs of image data that annotate the biological effects of more than 10 million small molecules. The successful demonstration of the predictive benefits, i.e. increased predictive model performance and chemical applicability domain, of unlocking this data volume, while strictly preserving the privacy of all underlying data and the resulting predictive models, will shape best practices and translate into substantial efficiency gains in the DD process, and in the future, drug development. Finally, MELLODDY will prepare and exploit a service-for-fee vehicle to ensure the MELLODDY technologies are available to the rest of the pharmaceutical sector.

Datum:1 jun 2019  →  Heden
Trefwoorden:drug discovery, Machine learning
Disciplines:Ontdekking en evaluatie van geneesmiddelen niet elders geclassificeerd, Signaalverwerking