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Innoveren van het onderwijzen en leren van Europese studies (EUPOM3)

The Innovating Teaching and Learning of European Studies (INOTLES) project (01/01/2014-30/11/2016) contributes to curricular reform and modernisation of higher education in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, by implementing innovative pedagogies in European Studies courses at MA level. Building on a systematic review of pedagogies in European Studies, INOTLES will bring together Eastern partners with EU university centres of excellence in assorted approaches (including e-learning, problem-based learning and simulations) to create flexible resources for use in the full range of European Studies provision. These will be implemented in 6 partner institutions in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine and in collaborative teaching, in the form of 6 individual courses within local MA programmes – as well as one collaboratively taught course across all partners - acting as demonstrator platforms and as sites for evaluation. Moreover, the modules will form the basis for an online interactive website and wiki, open to all, where the work of a new community of experts created by INOTLES can share expertise with peers elsewhere.
Datum:1 jan 2014 →  31 dec 2016
Disciplines:Rechten, Onderwijskunde