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Geografie van interventie hulp in Palestina

Recent scholarship has highlighted the problems associated with aid effectiveness in the occupied Palestinian territories. Faith in economic development to keep alive the U+201Cpeace processU+201D, as well as the dominantU+201Cpost-conflictU+201D framework has shaped most development interventions since the Oslo accords. Less research has been done about the microgeographies of development intervention in general, and the ways in which these practices are negotiated, implemented, and contested, or how they are related to a broader political economy of aid and development. The aim of this conference is thus to explore the ways in which development intervention reshapes socio-political, spatial, economic, and environmental relations in the oPt, in addition to thinking out alternatives for a development that responds to Palestinians needs and rights

Datum:1 mei 2010 →  31 dec 2010
Trefwoorden:Palestijnen, ontwikkeling, hulp
Disciplines:Menselijke geografie, Andere sociale en economische geografie, Stedelijke en regionale geografie, Studie van de regio's, Economische ontwikkeling, innovatie, technologische verandering en groei, Geschiedenis, Economische geografie, Recreatie, vrijetijdsbesteding en toeristische geografie