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The objectives of this project are: 1. To prospectively investigate the role of early FDG-PET (at day 7 and week 6) in outcome prediction. 2. To prospectively validate the previously established early radiology (CT) endpoint for response prediction (10% tumour shrinkage at week 6). 3. To prospectively test the potential added value of known molecular markers. 4. To correlate the different techniques (FDG-PET, CT and biomarket-values) with patient outcome data independently and in combination to assess the relative power of each separately or as integrated data-set for outcome prediction. 5. To develop software tools to enhance inter-centre consistency, compensate for inter-session set-up variations and maximise searchability of data for current and later research purposes. 6. To develop algorithms for automated co-registration of images and data sets obtained at different time points for reproducibility of results and evaluate strategies for data integration. 7. To piggy back on a costly industry sponsored research project to investigate whether the methodology for patient triage for third line treatment can also be validated in first line patients (+/- 20). If positive, a tool for informing public health policy will become available. 8. To apply statistical methods to assess the sensitivity and the specfificity of the proposed methodology.
Datum:1 jan 2009 →  31 dec 2012
Trefwoorden:Colorectal cancer, Antibodies