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Ecology and mobility of golden-headed lion tamarins (Leontopithecus chrysomelas) in and between small degraded fragments in South Bahia

Studies addressing the mobility of golden-headed lion tamarins between fragments, the use of the home range, diet and behavior in areas altered by agricultural activities are extremely important for developing conservation actions for the species. The golden-headed lion tamarin is an endangered species, and there is very few information on the mobility and survival of animals in these environments. The present study investigates the ecology and behavior of golden-headed lion tamarins in these environments. Three groups of GHLTs will be studied during full-day follows. All groups will be captured and individuals marked (radio collar and tattoo) to facilitate monitoring and identification. After release, data referring to mobility between fragments, patterns of range use, diet, and distribution of resources within the habitat will be collected for all groups. Based on these observations we will investigate questions related to diet, home range and behavior in these environments in order to understand the behavioral and environmental plasticity of the species, determine factors limiting its survival, as a basis for proposing future conservation and management actions.
Datum:1 mrt 2014 →  26 apr 2018
Project type:PhD project