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DrArmpit deodorant (DrArmpit)

To date, there are no effective anti-invasive / antimetastatic drugs available in the clinic. There is a great need for anti-invasive therapies. These would not only be useful in patients with localized tumors, but also in patients who already show metastases at diagnosis. The agents can then still inhibit the development of secondary metastases, as well as therapy-induced metastases. We have developed three sets of synthetic molecules that very effectively inhibit invasion at nM concentrations in a series of in vitro models for a range of human tumor cell lines. The aim of the project is to further develop our assets in an incubation track in order to achieve a spin-off.

Datum:1 apr 2018  →  30 mrt 2019
Trefwoorden:Lijfgeur, Oksel, Huid microbioom, Prebiotica, Probiotica
Disciplines:Engineering van biomaterialen, Andere (bio)medische ingenieurswetenschappen, Andere biotechnologie, bio-en biosysteem ingenieurswetenschappen, Milieu-ingenieurswetenschappen en -biotechnologie, Biomechanische ingenieurswetenschappen, Industriƫle biotechnologie, Biologische systeemtechnologie, Biomateriaal engineering