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The differential role of cognitive and linguistic skills in the development of reading in Arabic language

The proposed longitudinal study will simultaneously target the core domains of the academic skill literacy, including word reading accuracy, fluency, phonological awareness, morphological awareness. It aims to investigate literacy development of children from kindergarten to second grade in order to learn about the predictors of and risks factors for specific reading disabilities. Firstly, there should be an identification of children at risk to develop difficulties in these academic domains. These children will be tested by linguistics tasks (literacy, phonology, morphology) and cognitive tasks. Later on, in first and second grade, an individual intervention will be offered adapted to the results of the before mentioned tests. Linguistic and cognitive tests will be assessed again after the intervention in each grade in order to learn about the appropriate intervention in each age group. Tentative bibliography of most relevant sources: Horn, W.F., & Packard, T. (1985). Early identification of learning problems: A meta-analysis. Journal of Educational Psychology, 77, 597-607. Abu Ahmad, H., Ibrahim, R., & Share, D. L. (2014). Cognitive predictors of early reading ability in Arabic: a longitudinal study from kindergarten to grade 2. In E. Saiegh- Haddad, & M. Joshi (Eds), Handbook of Arabic Literacy: Insights and Perspectives (Language and Literacy Series) (pp. 171-194). Dordrecht: Springer. Elbeheri, G. & Everatt, J. (2007). Literacy ability and phonological processing skills amongst dyslexic and non-dyslexic speakers of Arabic. Reading and Writing, 20, 273-294. Eviatar, Z., Ibrahim, R &.Ganayim, D. (2004). Orthography and the hemispheres: Visual and linguistic aspects of letter processing. Neuropsychology, 18(1),184-174. 2 Saiegh-Haddad, E. (2003). Linguistic distance and initial reading Acquisition: The case of Arabic diglossia. Applied Psycholinguistics, 24, 431-451. Saiegh-Haddad, E. (2004). The impact of phonemic and lexical distance on the phonological analysis of words and pseudowords in a diglossic context. Applied Psycholinguistics, 25, 495-512. Shalhoub-Awwad, Y., & Leikin, M. (in preparation). The lexical status of the root in processing morphologically complex words in Arabic

Datum:1 okt 2017 →  Heden
Trefwoorden:cognitive and linguistic skills
Disciplines:Orthopedagogiek en onderwijs voor specifieke onderwijsbehoeften
Project type:PhD project