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Defabricage strategieën voor elektronische producten






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The current End-of-Life (EoL) treatment strategies for electronic
products allow only a limited recovery of precious metals and polymeric
materials, which have a high economic value and a considerable environmental
impact when not reclaimed. For example, only 13% of allpolymeric materials
collected in Flanders are currently recycled instead of being incinerated and less
than 20% of the current gold recycling potential from European Waste Electric
and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is currently realized. The recovery of these
materials can be significantly improved by disassembling electronic products. However,
prior research has indicated that under European boundary conditions manual
disassembly is only economically viable in very specific reuse oriented cases.

Nevertheless, the
ambitious recycling targets of the upcoming recast of the European WEEE
directive will force waste processing companies to improve their recycling
strategies for the treatment of EoL electronic products, which is one of thefastest growing waste streams. In consequence, Flemish recycling companies will
experience an even stronger need for cost efficient demanufacturing strategiesin the near future. The increasing amount of EoL electronic products will also be a
challenge for Flemish importers anddistributors, since they have a take back

Therefore, the main ambition of this PhD is to develop cost efficient
demanufacturing strategies for EoL electronic products with a focus on products
sold in a Product-Service System, such as set-top boxes (digiboxes). To achieve this target, the implementation
of active fasteners from prior research and new concepts for active disassembly will be investigated. Active disassembly
is a concept in which fmso-bidi-font-size:8.0pt' lang='EN-US'>asteners with an active disassembly functionality can
be simultaneously unfastened by applying a specific external trigger or a
combination oftriggers, which eliminates the need to localize and identify every
fastener, prior to unfastening. Furthermore also robust automated destructive demanufacturing processes
will be investigated.


Datum:8 nov 2010  →  14 jan 2016
Trefwoorden:Externally Triggered.
Project type:PhD project