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De mechanismen van canonvorming en kennisoverdracht van de Grieks-Romeinse oudheid (MECANO)

In literature, the notion of a canonical text or author holds profound significance, conferring prestige and authority upon certain works. Yet, canons are not fixed entities, but rather subject to perpetual evolution. The enigmatic forces shaping these canons and their influence remain elusive. In this context, the MSCA-funded MECANO project seeks to shed light on the mechanics of canon formation and knowledge transmission in ancient Greek and Latin texts. To explore how texts gain canonical status and how these implicit canons change over time, the project deploys qualitative and digital methods across vast text corpora. This initiative fosters a new model for the study of canonicity and cultivating historically conscious, digitally skilled humanities scholars.

Datum:1 mrt 2024 →  Heden
Trefwoorden:canon/canonicity, knowledge transmission, digital humanities, intellectual history
Disciplines:Computationele linguïstiek