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Conservation Genetic Resources for Effective Species Survival (ConGRESS)

The CRC is a full partner in the ConGRESS consortium, a Seventh Framework Programme EU-funded collaborative network dedicated to transferring information and resources for biodiversity managers and policy makers in the nature conservation sector. The consortium’s primary aim is to encourage the use of genetic data and studies on species and populations in biodiversity projects. A series of local workshops were organised to discuss the possibilities and impossibilities of using genetic tools for conservation actions. One of the key outputs of this consortium is a community-based web portal, comprising databases on experts in conservation genetics including scientists and professional end-users, scientific publications, simulation and decision making tools and genetic data for important European species of conservation concern. The project aims to operate at a regional level with special emphasis on improving capacity and awareness in regions of Europe where it may be lacking today. By building a network of scientists, management and policy professionals, the project intends to establish a forum for the communication of ideas, experiences and to provide support which will enhance the conservation of European biodiversity and its evolutionary capacity for the future. Ultimately, the ConGRESS consortium hopes to establish and inspire a new generation of conservation managers and policy makers who will be able to choose, apply and assess genetic information in biodiversity projects in the future. The ConGRESS portal www.congressgenetics.eu, with databases and sample planning and decision making tools is now up and running and available to anyone interested in using conservation genetics for practical species management.
Datum:9 mei 2010  →  29 apr 2013