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Communication Middleware for Mobile Ad hoc Networks. Algorithms for Highly Mobile and Partitioned Networks (Communicatie-Middleware voor mobiele ad hoc netwerken. Algoritmen voor zeer mobiele en gepartitioneerde netwerken)

"This research focuses on event-intensive software systems where there are clouds of events coming from many objects and devices. These objects may vary from a small and simple RFID-tag to a real full- fledged mobile computer. They can request services from others and can produce events for other objects. The problem of such a system lies in the volatility and massiveness of the information produced. Moreover, we assume that the event coordination infrastructure will need to deliver events over unreliable and intermittent network connections.
The objective is to conceive a middleware layer that is capable of dealing with massive amounts of events in the context of mobile objects and devices, despite the fact that there are various semantic and spatiotemporal properties. It should also address the problems caused by having asynchronous communication and using unreliable network connections."
Datum:8 sep 2009 →  4 sep 2013
Project type:PhD project