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Cis-regulatory mapping of the RPE-expressed transcription factor OTX2 (41Q09012)

Corbo et al. (2010) mapped CRX bound cis-regulatory elements in mouse, resulting in a photoreceptor-specific regulatory map. Retinal pigment epithelium (RPE)-expressed genes are not represented in this dataset. ChIP-seq of the RPE-expressed transcription factor OTX2 will be performed in RPE-derived cell lines. Exomes data of index cases with retinal dystrophies (RD) will be filtered against known RD genes, and against CRX, NRL and OTX2 cis-regulatory datasets.

Datum:1 nov 2012  →  31 okt 2016
Trefwoorden:cis-regulatory mapping, retinal dystrophy, retinal pigment epitheiuml, exome, variant prioritisation, hereditary blindness
Disciplines:Medische systeembiologie, Laboratoriumgeneeskunde, Genetica, Moleculaire en celbiologie, Systeembiologie