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Champignons comestibles des forêt claires Ouest Africaines (AbcTaxa)

List up all edible species in Benin and neighboring countries (Togo, Burkina Faso, ...). Collect, photograph and take field notes on all edible taxa). Compile existing literature. Seek collaboration and gather data concerning natural productions of edible taxa (savanna woodlands, from third party projects) and relate to ecology, meteorological data. Produce precise phenological graphs per species (done). Resolve issues related to the taxonomy and edibility in the genus Chlorophyllum. Make descriptions and drawings of all relevant species (possibly up to 100), include ecosystem service, socio-economic importance and conservation status. Make an identification key of all edible taxa using Xper3. Publish a book in AbcTaxa.
Datum:1 mei 2018 →  Heden